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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Enjoy the day!

dear blog,


i went to Mid Valley located in Kuala Lumpur with my pals. The train was so congested that early morning! i was pasted against the pillar with my both hands put on my chest for protection. When the train stopped by at Serdang, three foreigners came in and they stood near me. One of them put up his hand to grab the pillar where i was standing. Oh, man, only God knew the condition i was in during that time. He was sweating and his armpits smelled! Urrggghhh!!!! And i needed to keep on living for another 30 minutes!

After we arrived at Mid Valley, we straight away went to the toilet and got to the cinema. i bought Zombieland. My pals did the same. It would start for another one hour and a half something like that so we went to the food court. Food court in Mid, the food was damn expensives. i followed my pal to buy Korean food. i bought Sin Ramen with kimchi. i like Korean cuisine but my thought about the wonderful taste of kimchi failed 'cause it didn't taste good. Not at all.

then, i asked my pals to perform our afternoon pray. Later, we lost to get back to the cinema. My other pals had waited there for 30 minutes but despite that we lost in that big building, we didn't make in time. The cinema was already half away. Wow, man! That film was 18 years old and above targeted watchers but we took it easy. The film featured bad jokes and evil-blood acted scenes. They killed the zombies with the camera zoomed in right at them without any cutting.

Then, i went shopping with my pals. i bought wedges-gladiators type of shoes, a pair of Vincci high heels for my eldest sister, and comics. That's all. Oh, and more thing, i also bought an Mp3 last Tuesday.





I arrived home before eight p.m. and i was extremely exhausted. Standing in the train for an hour, lost for about 20 minutes. My legs hurt!

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