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Saturday, December 26, 2009

High heels kill women

dear blog,

i had an engagement ceremony this day to attend. the main person was my dad's friend's son. the family was our bestfriend for more than 10 years but after i moved into a new house in different state, away from them, they were very glad to see us back. :)

i used to be one of their daughter's classmate during in elementary school but then, we separated by going different high schools. everyone seemed so beautiful and they were perfectly dressed for the day. including me....i wore high heels or likely to be named wedges? not the KFC wedges with extra cheese!!! it's wedges with extra inches...

i dressed in my peach kebaya and matching selendang. i wore my just bought wedges and i felt like i was going to fall if i didn't see where i was walking. it hurt wearing 3 inches wedges.

anyway, the unique side of this VVIP ceremony was that, i got chocolates instead of 'bunga telur'....the chocolates were packed two in one small packaging. the designs were quite...good for me.



call her if you want this chocolates

that's all for now!

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