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Saturday, December 19, 2009

She' gone...

dear blog,

i was surfing the internet around 8 p.m. in the living room. my family and i had just got home from visiting my neighbour, a grandmother at a hospital. she was in a bad condition. i watched her trembling in the bed, surrounded by her family members. i took a secret glance at them. their eyes were swollen and their noses redden. i felt like no smiles were allowed in that room. i felt a bit sensitive at that time so i went out immediately. i knew i was only her neighbour and her family members deserved to be in that room.

we went home. i prayed to God, asking Him to recover her. but i knew that only God loved her the most. i heard a sorrow, sad voice from outside. my aunt and i quickly opened the front door and i turned on the light. the granny's daughter cried and said,"Mom's gone~."

i froze. my aunt hugged her. i looked at my neighbour's front yard. the family members got into the house with sadness. walking back into the house, i ran to get my dad. when everyone gathered in front of my house, i sat back in front of laptop and raised my hands to recite Al-Fatihah for the arwah.

i remembered back about the arwah. she sometimes scolded me for not opening the windows when it was already morning. my big sis always got scolded by her when she was doing the laundry. the arwah couldn't remember why she got angry with people because she was already 'nyanyuk'. every evening, i saw her sitting at her front yard, doozing.

and now, despite that she's gone, i missed her. a lot. she's the only neighbour that was really near to my house. we got a small gate in the middle for us to go into her yard or the other way for her to do so. but now, there was no reason for us to go there, and definitely no to my young sis and bro since they always went there to play.

the house was quite big. i dunno who's gonna take that house. when the arwah's maid finished her last service here early January, the house would be empty. Nooo!!!!!!!

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