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Friday, January 22, 2010

Cover for my novel....homemade

dear blog,

i made this cover by is a bit low-quality and amateur. yeah, of course! there's no drawing tablet and i don't know how to use adobe photoshop at all! so, i have tried to make it look like computer done and i guessed this's okay.

the story is original from me. the illustration is also done by me. aimonaz is my nickname.

copy and paste this link to know more about the novel's synopsis. this novel is still in process.


  1. beli la drawing tablet...ada yg murahnyer...

  2. aini aini~sy dah ade blog^^ hehe...
    ade link ke short story saya kat situ~
    "the forbidden love of a pet"
    bacalah^^ read&review yer?