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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Full time nanny....

dear blog,

i am a full time nanny now since i was a former high school student last year. i consider this nanny thing as my part time job. sort of.

in the morning, i...

1. wake up at 9 a.m (of course i perform Subuh prayer before that)
2. do the laundry
3. tidy up the house
4. eat breakfast
5. skipping (light exercise)
6. surf the net

in the afternoon, i...

1. cook
2. take a shower (nowadays, i tend to clean myself in the afternoon) xp
3. watch The Oprah Winfrey Show while eating lunch
4. watch anime/j-drama/k-drama
5. write my novel
6. make tea and watch KBS World channel
7. pick up the laundry
8. surf the net

in the night, i....

1. tidy up the kitchen
2. iron my sis and bro's school uniforms
3. eat dinner with mom
4. draw (sometimes i won't)
5. surf the net and help my sis and bro with their homeworks (sometimes i don't)
6. sleep

haha! what the? a nanny can watch anime and surf the net? yeah, of course because i am a full time nanny in my own house! hahahahahahha!!!

anyways, i accidentally cut my middle finger today while cutting the onions. i was thinking about what is next for my novel plot and what am i gonna wear for the upcoming BBQ party? the result was, a bleeding finger. blood didn't seem to stop from streaming out and it was damn hurt! i washed it, put some 'minyak gamat' and covered it with a plaster. there, i breathed out. then, i continued to cook. i cooked ikan masak sambal cili. for the veggies, my mom had cooked them before she left for work early in the morning so i was in charge cooking for the other pyramid food. ?????

later, i cleaned up at the backyard. my dad left just now to settle something so i was alone again. i was totally angry with those @#$!^7*%#@! cats! they rummaged through a pile of rubbishs and now i needed to clean that before flies come. next, a hen jumped into a big rack, kicking a pail of rocks down and it broke. the chairs were also scattered away. gosh! i hated that!

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