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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Good and bad come together?

dear blog,

today, i went to Sungai Tekala. there were throngs of people there having the day together. we were lucky that the spot that we had came before was left empty and we invaded it. :)

after settling things up on a mat beside the river, we ate homemade nasi lemak since we were very famished. totally delicious!!!!

later, eating time was over and here came swimming part! yahooo!!!! my siblings and i went for a swim nearby and the water was so cold. as soon as i place my both legs into the water, a twinge of cold crawled down my spine but it was fantastic! then, i ran towards my mom and dad to fetch a pack of snack and brought it to the river. we ate it in a circle and joked with each other. man, it's been a month since i went out of the house!

a few minutes later went by and my parents decided to join but my big sis got some texting to do with her cellphone so she backed out. i was the only one filming them swam in the river happily. my other siblings were doing the sand castle ten feet away from us. i captured some pictures of my parents and myself.

my mom asked me to hold her glasses by hanging it at my clothes. then, we enjoyed ourselves until bad thing happened. i wanted to catch picture of myself lying on a stray bark on the waterfall but despite that i forgot i was carrying my mom's glasses. so,as i was bending down, the glasses fall off into the roaring waterfall. everyone shouted. i froze. the others ran towards another river and eyeing the glasses but failed. in my mind, that glasses costed for over rm200! that was my mom's favourite and expensive glasses so i felt guilty.

thank God, my mom and my dad didn't get angry with me since no one was to be blamed in that case. things like that could happen sometimes, right? i insisted to let my mom use my left over money in my account. but she said she was trying to find new glasses that could be afford for a temporary period.

yeah, my family was out of money right now so that glasses case brought an impact to us since it was expensive! and my mom could hardly see and read. i felt bad for her and angry with myself.

everything was okay later. my dad found his old pal and talked. during the evening, we went to Shah Alam to see our old house. we owned it. it was left in dirty state by the previous people who lived there before. damn, the bathroom was a nerve racking thing to see and i wanted to vomit but i held it.

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