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Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's party time!

dear blog,

my pals organised a bbq party (reunion party) something like that today. i had just came back from Shah Alam and my dad dropped me at the party spot right after the journey. since it was time to enjoy, i threw my tired feeling away. out! out! and away!

they had just started to set up the fire, so i hugged and greeted my other pals. wow! it's been a while, man! really miss them! :)

then, the raw chickens came. we grilled them while chatting and it was fun. other invited persons came one by one and by hearing them cheering when they saw each other, i curved a smile.

the weather was pleasant that time. sometimes it was hot, sometimes it darken but thank God, it didn't rain. there were fried mihun, grilled chickens, grilled hotdogs, pickles, nuggets, thai sauce and various of flavoured drinks. i thought, half of the class came. there were many left overs so my teacher packed the food for us to bring home.

we took pictures and eat. i ate for about 5 hotdogs and chicken. oishii! haha! of course, my k-pop lovers friends, hami and the others talked about our favourited male singers. it was great, haha!

our ex-classmate, fairuz, came to join us. it was a relief to see he was in a good shape. haha! he came all the way here from selangor. we treated him well.

i didn't know how does the 'blue' things came up. you know, the rated 'R' things. haha! the hotdogs were the main issue. we cracked out laughing for those jerks till some of the girls fell down onto the floor. totally gross!

later, we took out a chocolate cake to celebrate my teacher, madihah, nasa and ain rustam's birthdays. the cake was so delicious like a cake would be, right? while eating the cake, we watched 'Raja Lawak' together.

overally, the party was awesome. we used simple budget to run it and it paid. it was so hard to see my pals again untill the spm result. hmm...i hoped they do well with their driving lessons.

even though i was so tired after i got home, but i still wanted to update my blog.

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