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Sunday, January 3, 2010

My 2010 schedules and chores

dear blog,

i can't apply for any part-time job because my parents won't let me to. i have two younger sis and bro to take care of since they are too small and i'm the only big sis that can be their babysitter before i hit for the university.

my eldest sis is studying in UITM while my big bro is studying abroad in Winsconsin. they had experienced part-time jobs before going to the college but me? i need to stay at home, do my work as a babysitter, a housekeeper, a tutor and a cook.

what else? i need to learn mandarin using the internet. i need to do all these everyday and i can't even spend my time writing my novel and drawing which those are my hobbies. it's damn tired!

i'm quite jealous with my other pals. they have their own part-time jobs and they're taking their driving lessons now. me? haha!

wake up in the morning, do breakfast, wash the dishes, do the laundries, fold the clothes, clean the house, cook, learn mandarin, pick up the laundries, help my siblings with their homeworks and prepare things for them for school tomorrow. it's more tired than who goes to work.

i'm not gonna have any salary since it's my own family but my mom promise to buy me comics each month. okay, that's fine but i can't hold my own salary. i can't buy what i want with my own money! haha! it's sad, isn't it?

i can write my novel during the night and i don't know about the drawing. huh! anyway, i need to bear it since it's my own family.


  1. training to be a full time house wife whattt? ok lar tu, hihi.

    at least ada lar jugak mende nak buat.. aku ni hari2 dok kira jumlah daun kat pokok, takde keje punyer pasal.. haha

  2. haha! ye la tu jadi housewife!

    aku nk jadi wanita yg berkerjaya dlm bidang animasi!!!!! hehe....

  3. aku doakan kau berjaya, amin.

    oh ye, kau nak tau pasal blogkan? aku tak tau ler kalau ni dapat membantu, tapi best jugak lar.

    klik link nih:

    buat lar shoutbox, macam aku & Nabil guna CBOX je, Google "CBOX" tu.

  4. ksian kau aini . tapi takpe lahh bknnye org laen yg kau tolong tuu pon . family kau jugak enn . lagipunn beruntung adek adek kau dapat kakak yg rajen and cool mcm kau . :D