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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Things that happened in 2009

dear blog,

since these few days, i had recalled back about what happened in 2009, last year. oh, my, that year was the most enormous, splendid, sad, intimidating and joyful. this post was about the events that happened to me and my surrounding in 2009.

the good thing that happened

1. i celebrated my 17th birthday in a rich style kind of for the first time while my dad was working.
2. i had fell in love with 2PM and Kim Junsu
3. my family problem tend to get more difficult and it was like a bombshell that made me feel wanna run away from the house for the very first time due to money and relationships
4. my bro flew to America
5. i got many benefits from KBS World channel
6. i had lost weigh at the end of the year
7. i had an enjoyable time with my classmates and my class rocks!
8. i made my first appearance on tv
9. i got my own laptop originated from my big bro
10. i bought an mp3 with my own savings

the bad thing that happened

1. the person that i used to cooperate with doesn't talk to me for the whole year
2. too many high expectations put on me for art class reputation
3. i had my SPM
4. H1N1 year
5. many car accidents
6. relationships between my family and i tend to corrupt a bit and it was hard to face
7. i became a low-class people back at the end of the year in which my family did not have a good financial and i can't shop with my pals as much as i want after SPM
8. i couldn't work part-time to save money because i needed to babysit my sis and bro
9. many people didn't like me
10. i cried a lot because of stress from school, evil friends and bad relationships with family
11. i couldn't eat expensive food or buy things with friends or family because of less money and that was why i had lost weigh


  1. huwaaahhh~!
    aku pun rindu ngan kelas kita, sampai terbawak dalam mimpi taww.. 2 kali lak tu, hesh, memalukan je.. ahaha..

    tapi siyes ar, rindu betol..

  2. betul2! aku selalu terpikir time sumer dh berkerjaya nnti, biler flashback time kita thn terakhir kt sekolah, mesti ramai x caya! haha!

  3. huh.. betul tu, kadang2 terpikir, kalaulah aku pelukis manga, aku nak abadikan kenangan alam persekolah kita dalam bentuk manga..

    too bad my drawing sucks, hahaha!

  4. biar aku cuba lukis....haha! itu pon klau jadi...