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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wanna lose weight and keep slim? Let's do the French way

dear blog,

"don't even go on a diet!" said by a French dance teacher. KBS World channel showed 'Wednesday Special' program and featured about how to keep slim like French women do.

the program was loaded with great informations about French women lifestyle in keeping themselves in good shapes compared to the Americans.

i tried to summarize the tips that i got from watching the program and it was very useful.

1. walk yourself to the office or to school
2. bring water along with you while you're outing
3. drink more water and say no to carbonated drink
4. eat breakfast like a prince, eat lunch like a queen and eat dinner like a beggar
5. do not feel stress while eating. it may cause you to gain weigh
6. do not hesitate to eat chocolate and cheese
7. drink wine along with snacks like cheese. if you're a Muslim, please don't.
8. of course, exercise in the evening but playing is more enjoyable
9. do not skip breakfast
10. drink, drink, drink, and drink more water

let me explain for the number breakfast like a prince means, you eat breakfast in medium size. eat lunch like a queen means eat lunch as many as you want and its better to eat more for lunch so you will eat dinner in less quantity. lastly, eat dinner like a beggar means, since you're not using too much energy during night and despite that you're going to sleep, it's recommended to eat less dinner.

that's all. i hope it will work for you guys if you wanna try out those tips. i admit that French women are all slim and they are in good shapes.

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