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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yosh! Junsu oppa~

dear blog,

i got nothing official to write down today but i would like to talk about my Junsu...hehe...:) i found some pictures of him (aegyo pictures) cute! these Junbrothers always tickled me! XD how i wished i was junho, touching Junsu's cheek like that...

next, Junsu with Bear Chansung...haha! love that name...:)

um....that's all for now...wanna dream about Junsu oppa! hoho!


  1. aaaaaaaaaahhhhh comel gile junsu ngn junho :D
    awk nk jd junho tu, kte nk jd junsu dpt la junho pegang pipi kte :p keke :p

  2. betul2! hahahahahha!!!!!