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Thursday, February 4, 2010


dear blog,

i took a two days break from writing my novel and post it on the internet. it was because i was drawing the characters. it took for about almost three days and i hadn't finished it yet. hehe....

sorry to my pals, i'll be uploading the novel in any time but right now, since you guys are wondering how will the characters be like? and yes, i'm still drawing it now. :)

actually, i have to admit that, my English is not good enough to write story. it is an easy English. and my grammar, vocabulary sucks but i do love writing. it's just that, not as pro as the others. i know there are several of my friends that have better English than me and i know they are very qualified to write. but they don't have that interest. some of them do. me? i like writing but i don't like my English capability. still need some spices to put into.

i'm still writing my novel and some of the first twelve chapters are uploaded on a website so everyone or anyone can read it. my friends like the story. but i know not for the beauty of my sentences or words something like that.

i really2 want my novel to be published one day but maybe in the upcoming 4 to 5 years or so. still need to polish my English. it's just that i need to upload it on website NOW or else, people will have that kind of story line some day. so, overally, i'm an amateur writer.

arts is my major interest and honestly, i have the talent. it's between arts or literature to take when i get my SPM result to apply for university. arts or literature? i can do both, but which one will lead me to a better job and life when i graduate?

okay, if i take arts, the subjects will be about fine arts like drawing portrait, drawing the scenery, doing the crafts and etc. i don't like that kind of arts. i'm in cartoonist arts. something like that, haha! i draw anime-like characters and i don't prefer scenery drawing. back at high school, my teacher picks me to represent school in poster drawing based on a theme. i'm frustrated. i practises for a week and i lose. twice. see? i'm not belong in that kind of arts. I DRAW MANGA CHARACTERS!!!!!

people around me say that being a manga-ka is not gonna maintain your future. it's based on if you get the job, then you draw. if you don't get any, you'll be sitting alone without money. i wonder how the japanese manga-ka can be so rich and popular with that job?

put that aside first. here comes the literature part. my sis takes tessel. she learns literature and everything about English. she's a promising English teacher. if i take that, i'll be an English teacher and draw during my leisure time. is that relevant?

if i take arts, all i'll be doing is draw. i don't care, i love to draw. but i want something that can satisfy me and bring me a good life in the future. i want to make money to live with drawing but my parents insist me to be an art teacher or probably a lecturer?

..................i don't know what to say or think. i haven't get my result so it's confusing to think about what am i gonna take soon. both arts and literature consider credits. hmm....

lastly, that's all for now. it's just that lately, i've been thinking about what to take and which university to apply for. this blog helps me.

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  1. dilemma kan.. aku pun tak tau nak gi mana nih..
    aku minat sains..

    p/s: cerita aku hilang sebab tukar pc baru! huwaaaa, tak leh dah nak sambung novel lawan2 tu..