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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A girl with brain tumour

dear blog,

'A Girl with Brain Tumour' is not something real that i'm gonna blog about. but, it's from my upcoming novel. the real title that i'm going to put is 'Her Last Days'.

i draw this picture....she's Lisa. you can see the sorrow in her eyes and her expression.

the synopsis:

it's about an orphan, a Malay girl who lives in Beverly Hills named Lisa. she quits from middle school for two years and comes back during her senior year of high school. it's because she is becoming sick and sick and is diagnosed with brain tumour.

by the way, almost the whole cheerleader and football teams hate her since an incident two years ago that leads into a bad thing. she is accused for injuring the popular cheerleader captain. the captain is paralysed from waist to toes. Lisa is blacklisted by almost the whole school.

but a new student from California, Nate Hart, doesn't know about that since he enters the school last year. even though he is a delinquent student and a well-known football quarterback, he is a blogger so he will write everything that happens around him everyday. Lisa gets the same class as him and he is curious to know more about her until one day, he discovers about her disease. it is too late but Nate comes up with some guts to talk to the crowd that used to hate Lisa at the graduation ceremony. Lisa is dying. after Nate's sayings, the whole school throws a fund raising event to pay for Lisa's treatment.

but unfortunately, Lisa is becoming weak and dies. Nate's blog has been visited by million of readers from all over the world and a book publisher wants to make it into a book and promises a huge profit but Nate refuses. his blog is still being read over and over again.

i know, this genre is already out there and it's a common story but i don't know why, this story is always in my mind and i could not say no and it insists me to write it. well, in the mean time, i'm still writing my romantic comedy genred story right now so i dunno if i wanna do both at the same time or wait until i finish my current story.

how 'bout you guys? your opinion?


  1. if u can do both novel at the same time then its okay . but if u cant maybe u should finish the first 1 first then u continue writing for the next one . i cant wait to read it ! personally , i prefer 'her last days' more because it sounded better and sorrow-er

  2. thanks! ur the best! :)

    yeah, 'her last days' is the best title...:D

    i see what i can do...:)

    'cuz i am so in love with that novel.i want more of it! can't wait~ i loveee romatic comedies xDD