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Thursday, February 18, 2010

I can understand Korean a bit...xD

dear blog,

i am so happy and proud of myself (kind of) when i could understand Korean a little these days. :)

yesterday, i watched SSJG, a new talk show on KBS featuring many rising idol stars. it had just started and now the second episode was aired on 12th of February. the good news was 2PM was the guest! yahooo!!!!:)

i watched the whole episode without any subtitle so it was a bit hard to actually understand at what they were talking or laughing about. but after i watched it twice, (just to see my Junsu's face! hehe!) i did get some of it.

like for the first part, i understood that a fan girl stood up and talked something about Chansung and showed a picture of their childhood during kindergarten days. yay! i understood that! woohoo!!! without any help from others!

next, the MC asked her which member of 2PM does she like most? and she answered Junsu! then, Junsu said thank you. Taeyeon, one of Girl's Generation's member told him to hug her and he did. there, i was shocked that i could understand that part. oh, my, this's going to be great! :)

another one now. the MC told 2PM about their hometowns. and i understood the part that he said Junsu was from Daegu, about Chansung i didn't get it along with the other members except for Nichkun who came from Thailand. then, the MC stopped at Wooyoung who was anxiously waiting for his guessing but it turned out that the MC asked, "Where did you come from?"

haha! i was proud! i understood those!!! woohooo!!!! there were no subtitles and they were talking too fast but i could finally understand that! i didn't learn Korean anywhere but despite that i was too obsessed with this Korean things, i had watched KBS and Youtube a lot about 2PM and the other issues until i could catch up at what they're talking about.

i decided to learn Korean but my dad insisted me to learn Japanese online because Japanese's a lot more easier. oh, well, i'll need to learn Japanese first then i'll learn Korean. way to go! :)


  1. wah! tahniah! best ar ko, leh translate terus ek!
    aku yang gi kelas bahasa Jepun pun gagap lagi, huhu..

  2. me too me too!! currently learning jap by watching lotsa animes^^ (it's real hard)