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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I punched her face!

dear blog,

there was one evening where my dad, my little sis and bro were having tea in the living room. i was in my bedroom with the door wide opened so i could hear anything coming from the outside.

it was a holiday and Disney Channel showed my favourite all-time animated movie, Tarzan. everybody knew, the movie brought love and affection, family ties, hardships and everything else. the movie never failed to attract my attention to watch it from the beginning until the end for almost 15 years.

there was a scene for the ending which Jane, a British lady and Tarzan, the jungle guy, hugged and kissed each other as they were happy they were going to stay together.

so, that evening, while everyone was drinking tea, my little bro asked my dad, "Daddy, what did you do when you first meet with mommy?"

i was studying in my bedroom and i heard that.

"I punched her!" my dad replied spontaneously. my little bro and sis were shocked. i covered my face with my book, stiffling from laughing. my little bro laughed.

"Adik, if i punch mommy like that, you wouldn't be here right now," my dad added.

so, kids are good in imagining things and thinking that what goes around in the movie is the same as out here.


  1. aku baca dengan aku terkejut, hebat penangan bapak ko..