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Monday, February 8, 2010

I'll be, I'll be, down, down, down with a fever

dear blog,

today, when i woke up in the morning, i started to feel uncomfortable with my throat. i ignored it and did my routine as usual added with drinking several glasses of cold water and ice-cream.

unfortunately, i came down with a fever when evening came. my joints hurt and i felt numb. my head was spinning and i couldn't look straight actually. but i kept it for myself and i just told my dad that i was beginning to catch a fever.

then, the night came. my body wilted. after i had dinner with my family, i immediately settled down on a sofa and lied there while watching tv. oh, man, only God knew how was my body feel like. i had a bad sorethroat and i couldn't speak like i use to.

i took an aspirin along with liquid medicine for my throat. then, my forehead became hot. i was limping, taking my body to perform Isyak, brushing my teeth before heading to bed.

i was frustrated when i forgot to take a cloth with water to apply on my forehead. but i did get up to do that then i got back to sleep. during that painful sleep, i couln't feel my hands and legs. i couln't move. but i bared it until the next day rose.

i didn't write my novel and draw or even read novel today.

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  1. la, demam ye. sekarang memang musim, nasib baik aku dah kena aritu..