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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Iranian's traditional ice-cream

dear blog,

my dad got a call from his Iranian friend who had set up a food shop in Serdang. he invited my dad and the whole family for the opening of the shop. we arrived there around past eight p.m.

the shop was called Ruby with pink-purple background colour for the sign board. in Serdang, all you can see are Iranians. they live there and sort of make their own 'country' and Malay, Chinese and Indian could barely seen there. it's like an international state.

as my dad came into the shop followed by us, everyone darted their eyes at us. they were the Iranians. all of them. so, we were considered as the only Malay people in that shop at the moment. my dad's friend came over and greeted us. he seated us and went toward the counter.

i was wondering what will be the meal? kebab? chicken? yummy! i was famished! suddenly, my dad's friend came back with a tray fulled of ice-cream and desserts. he served us and asked us politely to enjoy.

as you can see the picture above, that is called Iranian's milk ice-cream vanilla flavoured with some peanuts mixed in. if you lift up the ice-cream with a spoon, it is sticky and sort of elastic? and as the moment you put that into your mouth, oh, my! it's so cold, sweet and delicious! when i tasted it for many times, it tasted like ABC. it's yummy and that was the first time i ate the ice-cream from Iran.

this one here....i don't remember the name. but it tasted like Nata de Coco lychee flavoured and i preferred this one because it gave you a cold sensation when the chocolate rice (i think) melted in your mouth. i recommended these food during hot season.

so, that's it. my dad's friend is trying to sell the ice-cream in Malaysia by sending and distributing it to supermarkets. that shop is built for anyone to taste it. it's an honour that my dad's invited to taste for free.


  1. drool..
    woit, budak demam mana leh makan ais-krim! haha

  2. haha! terpaksa klau x melepas kang! ni je la masenyer nk mkn makanan org pure Iran tau!