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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Master of Study

dear blog,

Seok-ho Kang (Kim Su-Ro) is a lawyer and former bike gang member. He then takes a position to revive a third rate high school named "Byeong-Mun High School". To revive the school, Seok-ho Kang needs his students to become accepted into prestigious universities. Because of this, Seok-ho Kang starts a special class and becomes the teacher for that class. Seok-ho Kang takes students, who have bad scores, and guides them to improve not only their scores but their outlook on life.

One such student is Baek-hyeon Hwang (Yu Seung-Ho) a defiant and headstrong student who is similar to Seok-ho Kang at that age. Their strong personalities causes them to have clashes, but gradually, Baek-hyeon Hwang opens up to Seok-ho's teaching methods and eventually becomes the best student in the class.

source by AsianMediaWiki

i watched the first two episodes on KBS World channel this morning. actually i didn't know when was the real airing time on weekdays but thanked to my big sis, she tuned in to KBS this morning and there, a compiled episodes of that drama were aired.

i like that drama because i used to watch plenty of Japanese drama before i become fanatic in Korean things. this drama is adopted from a famous manga and when i watch and get to know this drama, Gokusen is the only related series that reminds me a lot with the similarities. but anyway, both dramas are different just the concept of school, academic and student's achievements are the same.

so, Korea makes its own version based on the manga using the same title, Master of Study. the main actors and actresses are younger than me so i feel a bit old to watch it because i'm going to attend college this year. my high school period ends already. :)

talking about this, i can see that Korea is the most tensed country ever in this schooling thing. they need to take college entrance exams to get themselves into colleges but if they fail, they will have to take again and again and again until they make it.

but in Malaysia, SPM is the only so-call college entrance exam. if you fail, you can take as many as you want but people mostly don't do that, right? moreover, Korea's school schedule starts in the morning until late at night and it's kind of tension, right? besides, their school fees are like thousands here. :(

so, to think about it, when i attend college this year, the students in Korea who are the same age as me, are still going to high school until they hit 20 years old. by that time, i'm in second semester...sort of....:)

in some thoughts, i do feel lucky to be born as Malaysian and live in Malaysia where i finish high school when i'm 17....poor Koreans....:) hehe....

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  1. i noe i noe!! master of study is on monday and tuesday nights^^ 9 till 10.10~~loved that drama so much :)