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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Me as a former member of a choral speaking group

dear blog,

this was taken in 2003. i was the one in the front row and the last one on the left.

i used to be a choral speaking member when i was in Pahang. it was in 2003 and 2004, two years in that group. the school i was in that time was a convent school and it was 100% girls school. there were malay, chinese and indian. one malaysia! :)

i would like to say that, choral speaking is hard and difficult rather than choir team. the choir members would have to just sing. but in choral speaking, you have to control your voice according to the script. i remember that when i passed the audition to join the team, the instructor gave me and the other members the scripts, 4 pages! sort of....

it's about pollution in 2003 while in 2004, the content of the scripts is about abuse and torturing or bullying.

you can classify this choral speaking team thing to be the same as the singing group. :P
in a team, 40 members are needed and you need to do the audition. anyone that has great, big, strong and loud voice can join but the second step of the audition is you'll need to memorize a paragraph of a script given by the instructor and say that in front of everyone. you need to pronunce it well.

yay! i passed both auditions! :D

Memories in 2003 and 2004

as a small student, i was truly busy like a singer. haha! the choral speaking team would be called for practise in school during our study periods. you can't complaint. no, no, no!

it took for about 40 minutes per practise and sometimes you'll pass your recess time. it's sad, you know. i was damn hungry that time and thirsty. that's only the beginning for the state's competition.

we won and won and won until the national competition held in Perak. but in 2004, me and the other members became seniors and it was our last year so we stopped from becoming members to focus on UPSR. but the instructors were hoping for us to join the team after UPSR. okay, i joined! straight to the national! what?

the instructors brought our medals from last years to join the national competition in Pulau Pinang. it meant, we skipped. thank God, we were accepted and we practised for only a month. we were too late.

our team was the most intimidating one apart from the other teams from Pahang. as we won every competition, we were selected to represent Pahang for two years straight.

of course, the bus trip was the best part ever! we joked around like dorks. even when the bus had just started to run for about 15 minutes, our snacks had been missing into each other stomach! haha! i loved that moment.

we changed seats and ran in the bus. the bus driver ignored us. we were girls! hoho! we even watched the hit movie that year, harry potter and the blablabla...:)

English was our main medium during conversation even in the bus. so, even when we were joking, we automatically used english but when we were pissed off or shocked, we used malay. haha!

we stayed in a dorm. but in 2004, we stayed in a 5 stars hotel! hoho!!!! :) the breakfasts, the lunches, the dinners were all high-class! we even had housekeepers for each room. can you imagine? 13 states with hundreds of members in a hotel? hoho!

we were treated like singers and models. we can't eat chocolate, we can't drink cold water, we can't sleep late and etc. we have to eat more carbohydrates because choral speaking make us standing for minutes but during practises, it's for almost an hour.

we can't diet and if we were caught dieting, we'll get discharged. i think. see? choral speaking team is like a singing group, right? i don't make this thing up because i'm one of it and i'd experienced those.

our main enemy was the Perak team. we had met in 2003 and we met again in 2004. haha! they won first place two years straight while we, the Pahang team won second place for two years straight too. damn it!

we had our own t-shirts. we would wear them during dinner with the ministers.

oh, there's another one! we practised a lot in 2003 and 2004 but in 2003 was the hardest year and training ever. we needed to come at night for the practise almost in a week. there was a member fell down onto the floor from the second steps. bam! her head hit the floor. she fainted.

everyone was panicked. she suddenly got up and sighed with tiredness. she was asked to go home. then, when we were in the hotel in Pulau Pinang, the instructors told us to gather in a room and there was a member who ate chocolate lost her voice. she was supposed to go solo in which, she needed to scream for her part in that script. the instructors were pissed off. the member tried to scream but she couldn't. we changed the part to another member in the last minute. man, it was frustrating.

when i went to junior high, i got to know that the choral speaking team was going down. we passed our great team to the juniors but they didn't win. i was sad and reliefed at the same time. that meant, my team was the best in 2003 and 2004 and it was hard to find best members like us. well, we were now will be hitting the colleges! yahoo!!!

i missed my choral speaking members back then. they had all grown up. i remembered the hardship that we endured together in that two years. i was hoping my juniors will keep that team's fame and win more.

so, in overal, it's hard to be in a choral speaking team but i don't ask you to not to join this kind of activity. it's great and you can improve you english. you can travel, you can make friends and it's great and i'm glad that i'm in that team. :)


  1. wa..coolnyer!! i gt 1 nt-so-nice-to-hear news^^ i also joined choral speaking bt in 2002 hehe...back in std4...we made it to the nationals being d youngest team participating^^ (everyone was 10yrs old) n...perak team oso won tat yr~we crashed out terribly (4th) thinking was saddening yet fun :)