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Friday, February 19, 2010

Missing my piano lessons

dear blog,

haha! from the previous posts, i had posted my experiences during the music camp about playing violin, right? hihihihi!!! now, it's about piano. :)

i took piano lessons when i was in standard two in Kuantan. the teacher was a chinese woman and she suggested me to skip straight to second grade. i didn't know anything that time so i just followed the schedules. i was a lazy girl back then. i didn't like to practise at home then everytime there was a class, i would play the piano in hesitant. the teacher knew that i didn't practise. silly me...:)

then, i took the exams. firstly, i had the theory exams. later, after how many weeks (didn't remember), i took the practical exam. that one was extremely hard and i would get butterflies in my stomach. i needed to play the piano scores in front of the examiner who was a foreigner that came from London. wow!!!

the examiner was a woman. i wore my school uniform because i skipped school to attend that piano exam. the exam was held in a hotel. i entered the room and said hello to the examiner and she shot a pleasant smile so i calmed a bit.

so, the exam started. i played and played. after a few weeks later, i got the result and it was a distinction one! yahooooo!!!! i passed the second grade exams with flying colours!

when i reached standard six, i had to take the third grade exam. i was up because i had to focus on my UPSR and the piano exam was earlier than UPSR. the teacher did scold me once for not taking it seriously. she knew i was having UPSR year but since the piano exam was drawing near, i needed to concentrate on it more.

then, i practised and practised. i was sooooo tired for about two weeks with the preparation for UPSR trial and the piano exam....i took the theory and later the practical. the new examiner was an old man. kind of. like in his 40s. he was a friendly man but very strict in giving marks.

while in the waiting room along with my big sis, i sat calmly on the couch. i noticed there was a girl who was older than i was, sitting on her mother's laps, feeling nervous and she kept whining that she was scared.

i kept on watching the television. i was the last person to be called. i came into the room and there, i saw a friendly old man smiled at me and, "Hi, please come in."

he was a British man. i replied and nervously walked towards the piano. i settled down and took a deep breath. when the examiner asked my name, he told me to play the first song. i played it. later, when it came for the next part, where i needed to play the note faster (actually i didn't remember much), i slipped my fingers.

my eyes slowly searched for the old man's expression. i asked softly, "May i play again?"

the examiner nodded. "Yes, you may."

then, i played again. thank God, i made it. next, the examiner went to the piano and as i got up, he sat down and played it. he would ask what melody is that and i needed to sing it.

"" i sang. he shook his head. i got one right. i was nervous, worrying that i wouldn't make it.

after everything was settled, i asked for his autograph. just for fun. hehe....:)

i passed the exams again. lucky me. :)


  1. ok ar tu, aku reti main ketuk2 periuk mak aku je, pastu kena marah, hahahah