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Monday, February 15, 2010

Music Camp 2003

dear blog,

i was thinking while trying to sleep yesterday. the memories during music camp in 2003 popped into my mind. the experiences that i gained from joining the camp were enormous, swanky and splendid. this's not something to be regaled with because i was excited to blog about all these.

i was in standard five that time and i played violin. i started to play that elegant instrument since i was 9 years old along with my big sis. we played under 'kebudayaan negeri Pahang' and whenever that state had sent any invitation requesting us to play, we would do that. :)

a music camp would be held in Kuala Lumpur around September and only the members that ranged from 12 and below years old can join. the conductor chose a few people only and i was glad i was selected! :)

me and the other selected one represented Pahang for violin team. my friend from the same school and same age was in a dance team. we went to Kuala Lumpur on Sunday in a bus. i sat with a member who was two years older than me. she was my school's principal's daughter and she was asked to take care of me. hehe...

as we arrived in Kuala Lumpur, the bus stopped at Blue Wave Hotel, one of the best and 5 stars rated hotel in KL. the bus parked down the hill and i needed to drag my big luggage up the hill towards the lobby alone. my body was tiny but nobody came to help. i noticed there was a lady looking at me pathetically but too bad, she didn't help me.

man, my luggage was huge! thank God, i reached the lobby in sweat. i stood near my violin team. we waited for any instructions from the fasilitators. i glanced around to see other participants from other states getting in the door way. the lobby was congested with hundreds of people. suddenly i felt nervous. i didn't know why.

later, we checked in and got a room. i shared a room with four people including me. i was the only malay and the other were chinese. only one of them was a painter and she was included in participating the drawing contest but she came from Pahang too.

we unpacked our things and everyone seemed awkward and no words could be heard. i took a spot to put my things. suddenly, my parents and a cousin came visit me. yay! i was happy! obviously, it was a school holiday, and my family went to balik kampung except for me. so, they dropped by to see me.

my siblings and cousin jumped on the bed. oh, my! it was embarassing, okay. my mom asked about my condition while my dad asked about the trip and the schedules. lastly, they went home. i performed my jamak solah. the painter practised her drawing at a desk while i watched the tv after resting.

when it was time to sleep, i didn't get a bed. there were three beds but i was a kid and too shy that time, i was left behind and slept on the carpet WITHOUT any blanket! it was cold! i couldn't sleep because i cry. i missed my family even though it was just hours away.

the next morning, after we cleaned ourselves and got ready with our violins, we followed the oldest member towards a floor for a breakfast. the area was too full. everyone was eating. but i couldn't find any seat. i took a plate and fetched some mini hotdogs with french toasts. i tailed my other roommates to a spot and ate.

then, we went to our practise room at Muzium Negara. there was a big chamber beside the museum and that was our spot to practise. i arrived there along with combined members from Pahang. i was so shocked to see the other violinists from other states.

there were a group of teenagers. and the leader of the whole violinists was a teenage boy aged 17 to 18 something like that. he was like a gangster you could find on the streets 'rempit'-ing. but he was a pro violinist! beside him was also a boy around his age with dyed hair. he looked the same as one of the characters who was a violinist too in a Japanese drama called 'Nodame Cantabile'. plus, he looked like a 'penagih dadah' but haha! he was a violinist!

the conductor introduced himself and we settled down. we were given the scores and damn, there were many pages! but i needed to follow then. we were the second violin and played the first page together with the first violin. the practise began from the morning until the evening for a WEEK! can you imagine that?

i was damn tired one day but suddenly a fasilitator came to our room and told us that we needed to change to a bigger room next to ours. the room had a room and the living room was bigger. so, with a tired body, i packed up my things and brought them into the room. a new roommate came to join us. as soon as i arrived there, i quickly got ready to perform my solah.

then, the new roommate who was a chinese girl asked, "what are you doing?"

i was crying that time, thinking about my family and the intensive training. i said, "i want to solah." the girl frowned,"if you wanna cry, go on. i won't disturb you."

my personal life in that room with four chinese girls was complicated. i couldn't clean myself perfectly as i didn't have 'gayung'. then, my dad called. i told him everything and he sent my uncle who lived nearby to send a 'gayung'. yay!

i lost my name tag when my family took me out for dinner. i lost it in a mosque. it was sad that i couldn't keep that tag.

after four days something like that, the painter, my roommate left to Pahang as she had lost the contest. we said goodbye to each other. in that new room, i was left behind again when i needed to sleep in the living room alone. luckily there was a bed there. the other roommates were scared to sleep there so i volunteered to do so. there was one day where a family of a roommate came to the room. they were so noisy but i couldn't even get up to see as my body was so tired and i broke down sleeping.

we had rehearsals for three days straight. when we were waiting for the bus to go to the music place, one of my member, a chinese girl told us that she had a crush on our leader, the one that looked like a gangster. she liked to let him tune her violin before rehearsal. i giggled. the leader was a malay and a chinese girl liked him? that was remarkable, haha! sort of.

then, we had the rehearsals. we sat on the stage with the 'kompang' team right next to us. when it was not our turn to play, we watched the dancers did their routines down the stage. it was kind of boring as the same things went on for three days.

i had a fever. but i still needed to do the play. finally the big day came. it was held night at eight. we changed into our costumes. my family came to our room and my mom helped me with my hair. as the other members looked messy with their flow down hair, my mom decided to help them too. and they looked nice.

my family used the room while i went for the music festival. it was an over-whelmed day ever. with the crowds in front of us and the ministers. we played like we used too. everything went on smoothly. thank God.

i lost weight after a week in the music camp. but you wouldn't know how much i love that experiences. with the special hotel given to us to stay for a week, with those lovely, high-class food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, everything worth it.

i passed out in the car and i didn't realize until my dad stopped at a station for me to perform my Isyak. then, i passed out again until we arrived at Pahang....:)


  1. best lar baca pengalaman hidup kau, bertuah kau reti main alat muzik. aku teringin tapi family aku tak mampu, hohoh.

    by the way, anime NODAME CANTABILE adalah salah satu anime feveret aku, malah aku ada sambungan anime tu, Nodame Cantabile in Paris.