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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My siblings' sports day

dear blog,

Yo! Yo! Uh...what's up with that?

haha! i went to watch my little sis and bro on their sports day today. it's been a while for me to have those sports thing.

as usual, red team, blue team, green team and yellow team. my little bro was in a blue team while my little sister was in her red team. as i arrived at the field by walking, i had set my mind to find my little bro. he was bald. so, i tried to find a bald kid.

oh, my! there were plenty of them who had the same head as my bro! hahahahaha!!!! then, i saw my little sis and she brought me to my little bro's tent. what the? the tent wasn't as beautiful as what he had told me yesterday. it was lame.

i took some pictures of my siblings. later, i captured my little bro alone who was sitting on the grass with his pals. when i was about to press the camera, his other pals joined. they were so happy as soon as i captured their picture together.

my brother's the only one wearing a cap.

the bad news was i noticed the vendor's owner was cooking 'keropok'. i was so shocked at its frying pan. the boiling oil formed bubbles and you could barely see the 'keropok'! my, i lost my appetite.

i planned to record my siblings' 'sukaneka' event. i got my spot, just to get ready to record but i was a fool that i didn't even realize that my little sis was playing. right in front of me! i didn't recognize her. it was a waste.

so, i waited for my little bro's turn. no sign of it so i went to get him. he said his 'sukaneka' event had been done three days ago. i dropped my jaws. what? i had laundry to do, a house to clean, lunch to cook and you said three days ago? i'd been waiting for hours! under the sun! haha! fine...

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