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Monday, February 22, 2010

Paranormal Activity at my old house

dear blog,

i would like to blog about something that is similar to horror genre. the paranormal activity movie that hits the whole world with good ratings is quite great. so, when i watch it twice, i remember the same phenomena happens at my old house back in Kuantan from 1999 until we move out in 2006.

actually, we didn't move out from that house because of those paranormal things, it was just that my dad found a new house that's all. plus, i didn't realize that things until we arrived at our new house. :)

let's begin the story:

that house was a terrace house in the city. it was left by the owner and we rented it in the end of 1999, during Ramadhan season. i was 7 years old that time and i was a silly girl at that age for sure.

i didn't remember well, but sometimes when we started to live there, all kinds of sound were heard from the ceiling. the sound like people running back and forth all the time. i thought a cat was chasing mouse produced that sound so i won't bother about that at all.

the footsteps would emerge during midnight and before Subuh. sometimes during the afternoon! i didn't suspect anything while my other family members did the same. they made their own bussiness as if nothing happened.

i remembered this night when i was around 9 years old, while i was sleeping with my big bro and sis in the same room, i suddenly woke up to see the door room was opened slightly and slowly. i was half asleep so i couldn't figure out if it was my dad or something else. so, i went back to sleep.

the climax was when my mom was pregnant. she was carrying my little bro and it happened in 2004. ghosts or other paranormal creatures liked pregnant woman so they tended to attack my mom.

when my mom had delivered my little bro and got back home from the hospital, the creatures began to attack. my mom, dad and grandma were sitting at an area, looking at the baby while me and my other siblings fell asleep in our room. my dad told me that the house was like....going to burst down. the creatures hit the walls abruptly, and the house shaked.

next, when my mom and dad were sleeping with my little bro between them, there were deep footsteps on the mattress and those footsteps were heading toward my mom. my mom quickly got up and woke my dad up. probably that thing came from the ceiling.

another one! my big sis was having UPSR season so she stayed up all night to study. unfortunately, she was terrified when there was a voice, singing at the backyard. our house backyard was empty and there was no trees. it was spacious. so, a woman singing in the middle of the night at the backyard?

we went 'balik kampung', for family gathering and got back to Kuantan a few days later. the school started again and my bro's friend asked him where had he been. my bro told him that he went 'balik kampung'. my bro's friend said there was an old lady, a grandma to be precised, took the call. he called my bro using the house phone but there was nobody in the house that time. he said a grandma took the call.

"Assalamualaikum," the friend said.
"Walaikummussalam," the grandma replied.
"Can i talk to Adam?" he asked.
"Adam went to 'balik kampung'," the grandma said.

so, that was the conversation between my bro's friend and the unexpected paranormal creature. a grandma? she could even pick up the phone and talk to people? she even said that my bro went to the village. my, that was huge!

there were many things happened at the old house and there was a rumour saying that, there was a family who lived in that house once but left after a few months regarding to that paranormal activity. we had stayed there for 7 years! the neighbours were shocked to know that we made the record.

so, the truth was, the creatures lived with us. they were there when we watched tv, eating,washing, bathing?, cooking and joking. it was just that we couldn't see it. the footsteps were heard always and we never cared about that anymore as it happened always. they knew our names, our routines and etc.

i was scared to know about all those things after i arrived at a new house. i was glad too that i was a silly girl back then, not knowing what were those footsteps and etc. if i did, i would probably afraid to sleep for 7 years....:)


  1. seremss.. lucky that time you are silly girl, ahaks!

  2. omg that was so creepy.