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Sunday, February 14, 2010


dear blog,

today i decided to scribble the fun that i had with my family for the whole day. :)
my mom and dad cooked NASI LEMAK and we ate together for breakfast.

after that, i helped my mom cooking LAKSA! no picture for that, silly me because my favourite was LAKSA! while waiting for the soup to be cooked fully, i decided to have a haircut. so, my mom cut my hair and the result was, my hair was extremely short like a guy. xD

when we had laksa as our lunch, we rested. then, in the evening, i lent a hand to do KARIPAP. the shape was sucks because i was not a pro in wrapping the karipap but as my mom was busy and kind of lazy, she didn't care about what will the karipap turn out to be. as long as they were wrapped.

we had a conversation about my big bro who was studying in America. precisely, Winsconsin. i had read his blog about he had wanting to eat malaysian's food especially my mom's homemade recipes. he liked karipap so much. he would cook it as popcorns to watch movie. now, he had flew oversea, we were wondering that he probably dreamt of karipap.

later, our must-do activity on the weekends. but today, my dad chopped down the tree beside his room. not literally chopped. i meant he cut the branches one by one and my siblings and i were in charge of pulling the branches towards outside of the house and placed those at a place across the small road.

it was fun even though it was tiring. hey, we burned our calories, okay!
hmm...that's all for now.

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  1. arituh baru member buat karipap...tapi terlebih pakai kayu manis...tak sedap...