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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


dear blog,

i was so tired these two days. probably the reason why is i'm writing my novel. still writing for more chapters and i'm bloody glad that as soon as i posted my novel on a website, my friends read it and they told me it was great. the best part is when they want my novel to be continued ASAP! haha! lovin' them.

well, today i didn't write much because i watched a movie. it's paranormal activity. the movie was released last year's july and i got to know it this year. haha! hmm...i watched it in the afternoon so it didn't effect my emotion much because it was day light. and maybe i'm gonna be traumatized if i watch it in the night so i decided not to watch it in night.

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  1. haha..u watched TAT scary movie?? hw was it?? i watched it wit jay n gang...everyone in the room screamed at d last scene^^ truely horrifying~~