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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Two days ago and present

dear blog,

it's been a while i didn't update my blog. i was a bit busy(?) two days ago and today too. maybe i spent my time reading novel and did other stuffs.

on last friday night, i watched 'Jurassic Park', my favourite movie! but i was a bit dissapointed as the tv station cut some parts to finish the movie in two hours so i wasn't that happy.

while waiting for the movie to start, my mom and dad began to tell me and other siblings that my big bro who was in USA right now loved dinasours so much when he was a child. since he was a bookworm, he tended to remember every dinasour's name. Jurassic Park was a hit movie around 90s so, everytime the movie ran, he told each name of the dinasours.

my little bro started to like it but he was a lazy person and never made reading as his hobby. so, he would never remember the dinasours.

next, yesterday, i bought an English novel. it costed RM3.00! it's an old novel. i love old novel. :)

then, today, my dad bought me the latest Gempak magazine as a reward for taking care of my siblings and cleaning the house everyday. :)

p/s: i want comics but despite that i'm running out of money, i'm counting on my SPM result to show the best so that i can make my parents buy me comics! :)

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  1. Gempak dah kuar baru, aku plak tengah pokai ni, cettt.