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Thursday, March 4, 2010

dear blog,

this text below is adapted from my novel that i'm still writing now.

"Andrew stirred the milk in his coffee at a coffee shop in the afternoon. He didn’t feel like having a good lunch that day. Having coffee at the middle of the day was not usually been done by regular people but he preferred that to comfort his inner heart.

Hearing people roaring about the hit news early in the morning as he went to catch his breakfast at a restaurant nearby his house made him feel strange and mad. He did study the pictures and they were all true. He recognized Tezuka’s jacket and body in that pictures including the punching part. He suddenly remembered his old Taekwondo class taken with Tezuka during primary school.

Tezuka was one of the best students out of ten other rich boys back then. Andrew came second and he had to admit that Tezuka really was a good puncher and kicker. But that was not the main point he was struggling in his mind right now. The main point was, Maimi.
Maimi was the victim. Tezuka was her lifesaver. The old guy was the culprit. But why did he feel like scolding Tezuka? Was it because he was careless about his own wife’s safety? According to the news, Maimi was meeting a client and he took her to an isolated area in the city to do his project.

Andrew lifted his cup up to his lips. He was thinking that if he was Tezuka, he wouldn’t let tiny, weak, little Maimi go to meet some slut guys even though it was all because of business. Taking a proper sip at his coffee, he sighed as soon as he placed the cup back onto its saucer.
Poor Maimi. He thought. How he wished he was there too. How he wished he was Tezuka. At the mention of replacing Tezuka, he felt it was right to do so. It were just a few days only, getting to meet Maimi but he could feel his heart calmed whenever his eyes met with hers which were fantastic and gorgeous.

Now, he was arguing with himself that urged to meet Maimi. Was she alright? Was Tezuka be okay with it? How would they handle this? Reporters were expected to be around since the couple was very popular. But why should he be worried about that in the first place? Why?"

so, how's it? i've been reading Laurie John's masterpiece recently so i do think that i've been influenced by her splendid writing and i love how she make-up her words to be so beautiful, easy to read and ready to be kept in mind. so, i continued to write my novel.

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