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Friday, March 5, 2010

From Nate Hart's blog

dear blog,

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"her long, silky black hair was tossed by the strong wind whenever she crossed the field to go to the library. having darker skin and Asian-like feature told me that she came from the east. her attractive sincere smile caught my eyes. she loved talking. but she lost her appetite during meal times because she couldn't. she just couldn't. and her name's Lisa."

"she was badly injured today. Tom made her feel so. a streaming blood ran down her head and her body shivered. i brought her to the hospital. my heart flipped at the mention of brain tumour. she, had a brain tumour."

"i came to visit her. those warm eyes and smiles made me feel calm. she knew about her disease and it happened two years ago. it was getting worst."

DAY 15
"i saw her reading her religion's book. the doctor, i didn't know his name, was talking to her. friendly. from that on, i discovered that she was a Muslim."

DAY 24
"she cried. i had never seen her crying like that. her surgery was delayed for another three months due to a problem related to less members in a team of doctors that were supposed to cure her. i was angry. the doctor failed to make her feel appreciated. i met Dr. Gother. i left a punch in his face. he deserved that."

DAY 32
"she called me using the public phone. she talked so slow. but i listened to her. unfortunately, she ran out of her phone card. my cellphone's battery was off so i quickly fetched my house phone. stopping my little sis from chatting with the phone, i dialled that number back. but she was no longer there."

DAY 83
"her face was not like before. her lips patched, her cheeks sunken, her eyes tend to lose the brightness and she was damn skinny. waiting for the surgery was like waiting for the grudge to be digged. she was losing her smiles."

DAY 85
"we met today. she impressed me with her sayings,'i would rather die than waiting. it hurts to wait but it's painless to let go of this body.' then she looked at me, straight into my eyes. 'and i mean it'. i couldn't stop myself from crying. bending down and hunched behind her wheelchair, i released my tears. i knew she did the same."

DAY 90
"she was in a critical situation. there she was, lying in her bed. my mom asked her if she was okay. she was trying to curve a smile. a smile that she wanted to do before to tell everyone that she was okay. but i knew she was fighting with her disease and that sudden weak smile made me run out of the room. i fell down against the wall, head in my hands, crying. that was the first time i prayed to God, asking Him to let her stay alive."

DAY 101
"it was my graduation day. i stood in front and told my senior year friends about how lovely Lisa was. i told everything about her. there was a great feeling caught my heart. they agreed to help with the fund raising event to help Lisa."

DAY 102
"an Indonesian friend of my dad came. he sat beside sleeping Lisa and began reading a prayer named Yasin. Lisa teared out."

DAY 103
"the surgery day was getting near. i was so eager to meet her today. as i opened the door, i saw her lying numbly on the patient's bed. her eyes were closed and her lips were formed into a dry smile. the room somehow looked sorrow. my steps toward her were heavy like a rock. my heart was telling me there was something wrong. i held her left hand. it was cold. suddenly, a crack and soft voice sounded,''

my heart thumped as the machine formed a straight line. TIIIIKKKKKKKK.........i faced her. her hand was numb and colder than before. her chest was set flat. the nurses came in and checked on her. the doctor joined. i tightened the grasp of the sunflowers, slowly backing away. the words 'She's dead' sounded by the doctor made me feel like dying.

i blamed the hospital. my dad sued the doctors for delaying the date of the surgery. i backed away. it was no use. she's dead.

today, was her last day. she's longer here, no longer in my life and no longer on this earth. she's.....gone."

DAY 104
"i sat on an armchair alone in my room. i didn't go to that ceremony. she was brought back to her hometown. the sunflowers from yesterday wilted. my eyes were flooded by those stupid tears again. she's gone now! why should i cry?! she's gone......she's gone....she's gone...."

p/s: Nate Hart is one of my character for my future novel entitled 'Her Last Days'