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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Memories are priceless

dear blog,

i remember everything that goes around in my former classroom with my classmates. we are all crazy and act like pyschos during teacher replacement period. i would like to tell about my old classroom when i was in form 5.

whenever teacher is not around or late, the girls will go to the back of the room and start to fix their tudungs. if it is a bad and hot day, the girls will push each other away instead of lining up so they can get a full reflection in the full-length mirror hung on a broken whiteboard holder.

besides, the broken whiteboard holder is being used for the whole class to hang their uniforms anytime when there is PA subject. moreover, we arranged two to three chairs for anyone to sit at the back of the class when teacher doesn't enter yet. it's like our meditation area.

plus, i think everyone in my class is a very good basketball player. when one of them is damn lazy to get up to throw rubbish, he or she will stay at its place and make a strike shoot into the dustbin even if he or she sits far away.

the front door is like from a haunted house. it is broken down and no longer looks like a door. we are very fierce and will slam the door after going in and out without a reason.

*laugh* okay, this is funny! our classroom's cemented floor is always damaged and it forms several holes. there is only one hole that becomes bigger and bigger as days past. there is sand inside the hole. we call that as a beach. every teacher who enters our class will ask the same question. "what is this?"

"beach," we answer together.

one more thing, this activity happens when SPM is sooooo around the corner. there is an abandoned rack with six square parts in it. we should stuff books in there but all we can see is a few of arranged used bottles.

some of the boys join the game. what game? it's like bowling but not exactly like bowling. it's like a game at the fun fair which you need to play so that you can get dolls or teddybears.

one of them throws something to the bottles and they scatter down. the boys cheer up. i'm studying that time but all i can see is a fun fair in front of me. when i turn back, five peoples form a group and chat. i glance at the mirror direction. three girls and a guy are checking their clothes in front of the mirror.

i look at the hole. beach. i look back in front. a classmate who is a boy is scratching his back with his T ruler from his engineering drawing class. i spot my desk partner is fixing her tracksuit to be like MJ and starts to dance like him around the class.

i can also hear my good pal talking about Korean singers even when she sits far away from me. i can still see some of them eat their packed food. all those things happen when teacher is not in.

now i can see that those crazy things happen because we have known each other very well. we do something to make people laugh since the SPM is almost near. we do embarassing thing in public because we don't even care. we play because we're stressed. we talk because we're bored.

so, yes, memories are priceless. high school life is the best it's hard to turn back time to be like you used to be long ago just to feel those things back. i really miss it.
a classroom is where we study. a classroom is where we get to know new people and make new friends. a classroom is where we leave memories because they are as priceless as a pearl.

yes, i agree school life is sometimes pressuring but everybody knows that school life also makes someone a person. a person that has stupendous memories and experiences.

high school is one of the best school period of all time. we have all grown up and can bring ourselves without being childish. high school is the platform where you can dig out your talent and know your future.

p/s: happy birthday, Hami! xD


  1. wow.. kau ingat tu semua, tahniah.
    kitorang balik (camner nak eja nih?) saletap?
    yang lekat-lekat tu..
    kalau menang dapat selendang kuning yang sebenarnya langsir buruk jumpa dalam laci.

    aku dah tak ingat apa-apa pasal sekolah,
    sampai aku baca entry ni baru aku ingat balik.. tu pun sikit-sikit..

  2. serius, aku rasa menarik gila entry ko kali ni, syahdu dan feeling aku baca, ahaks