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Friday, March 5, 2010

My old elementary school's BLACK history

dear blog,

i studied in Kuantan starting the year 2000. there was an elementary school near my house so i entered that school. the school was a cluster and all-girls school and rich students preferred there.

i won't tell the name of the school but it ended with convent. that building was located up on the hill and had stood there for more than 50 years. obviously, it was not, a school when it was first built.

IT WAS A HOSPITAL............

besides, there was a huge cross pasted on the wall of the building. rumours were spread to every student's ears whenever they joined the school. people said that school was actually a hospital probably hundred years ago before it was claimed to be a school.

the classrooms were former patients' rooms. next, the science labs were former rooms for keeping dead bodies(i don't remember the word for bilik mayat)xD

plus, the field was not too flat and perfect. there were too many bumpers and people told me that the bumpers were the grudges. damn it!

i believed just a little bit of those rumours because even my teachers said that the school was a hospital before.

i found an old school magazine during 50s. the pictures were all in black and white. i freaked out when there were pages about dead students. their photos were set along with the names but the cause of the dead never been told. creepy~

another rumours vowed that some of the dead students from the magazine died in the ladies' room or somehow....killed!

some of my friends told me that there was secret chamber under the hall. nobody can enter. it was restricted.

at first, i ignored those rumours because they were RUMOURS...but i started to care for it when some students and teachers saw a set of cleaning appliances such as broom and etc. moved around a class on Friday afternoon.

1. a huge cross on the wall?
2. dead students in that school?
3. a former hospital?
4. grudge?
5. secret chamber?
6. dancing broom?
7. patient's room?
8. a room filled with dead bodies?

i wondered if everything was true. if it was, it's cool! :)
anyway, i studied in that school for 5 years but nothing creepy happened so i was not that scared.

the 'surau' was said to be haunted because it was isolated and stood far away from any building in that school area. but my pals always left me alone in that 'surau' while they went out to fetch their things. well, nothing happened? i was fine.

so, i thought, a hospital could leave something horrible after few years. a school was replaced then so, it was kind a....haunted? a haunted school?

i hoped Harry Potter or Professor Dumbledor can bring me back to the past so that i can know how did the hospital look like? or even how did the students die? what caused the chamber to be secret?

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  1. interesting story^^ by the way...the room for keeping dead bodies? it's called a 'morgue' i heard from csi :)