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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New artworks

dear blog,

i drew this...and my, i was so glad that many people gave me comments especially on my facebook account. i just drew one then i scanned it for three different versions. the original one is the first version. i've included the links for anyone to comment but if some of it doesn't work, you could just go to the link for my website at the right of my blog. :)

this is the first version. you can comment on my facebook/myspace/devianart: (facebook) (myspace) (devianart)

the second version. you can comment on my facebook/myspace/devianart:!/photo.php?pid=128864&id=100000602912295&fbid=105010449529052 (facebook) (myspace) (devianart)

the third and the last version. comment on my facebook/myspace/devianart:!/photo.php?pid=128865&id=100000602912295 (facebook) (myspace) (devianart)

so, how's it? i had applied for art & design at UITM. so, am i qualified? hehe....xD

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