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Friday, March 12, 2010

On the way to university?

dear blog,

today i woke up at 5:45 a.m to iron my siblings' uniforms. it was my fault that i didn't take out those uniforms from the washing machine since i was very into D-day yesterday. so, as i pity my mom who was very exhausted, i tended to get up early.

then, i helped my mom with the dishes straight away. she was surprised with my attitude today. i was being like that just because my head was free from waiting the SPM result. while washing the dishes, i discussed with my mom about which university to apply for. i was thinking between UITM and IPG....but i like UITM more.

i checked and update my UPU form then i spoke to my dad. after hours of conversation about which university that would make me satisfy and ensure my future in arts, i decided to apply for UITM. that university was very popular for its arts & design faculty so i suggested to go there.

but IPG offers free dorm and allowance so i don't need to take PTPN. plus, i would be teaching elementary school only so my job is promised after i graduate but it seems not right to me. i'm afraid the subjects won't let me draw as much as i like.

UITM will let me explore and draw for the better. hmm....still thinking about that.

by the way, just now, i applied for MARA to study oversea. i chose Tessel so the places that would take me there're Australia or New Zealand. i gulped. i looked back at my result. i needed to get 8 straight As to be accepted but i was damn crazy and i was thinking of the airplane so i filled the form. there were some criterias that i couldn't fill but who knows? luck will sometime come and go so i was hoping for it to come. just fill it just in case.

i texted my mom, asking for tomorrow's dinner. i didn't get any present since my result day because my family couldn't afford much. i understood. it's okay. but my mom felt like treating me KFC!!!!!! wooohoooo!!!!!!

yesterday, my aunt bought sate and my dad cooked Hailam noodles. it was fun and yummy! so, tomorrow will be KFC!!!!!

i told my dad that the KFC treat would be the last. i don't want any food treating after that. my result is not that 'gempak' so that KFC would the best gift from my mom then. going to the university and being supported by my family is the biggest gift ever will be soon. :)

thanks, MAMA & BABAH!

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  1. tahniah kepada kau Aini,
    baguslah tu study oversea, aku over the river pun tak tentu lagi, heheh.