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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Result day!

dear blog,

i woke up this morning and my heart began to beat faster. it never ended since last night. what am i gonna get? how many As? will my parents get angry with me? those particular words kept winding in my big head. i sighed.

i tried to calm myself by reading novel but nothing seemed to work. my eyes kept scanning the pages but my head was at the other occasion. i put aside my novel and lied on my bed, watching the spinning ceiling fan.

lastly, my dad brought me to school around before ten. there were so many cars outside of the school and i wondered why. it was actually an annual school event. on the same day? i knew it wouldn't be a memorable day since i saw the teachers were busy keeping their eyes on the athletes and the sports.

my dad went to my mom's so i waited at the school. later, my other pals came. we talked and talked like ages! then, we fetched some hotdogs. after a while, around eleven and a half, we strode up the hall. when we stepped in, other receivers came along. coward!

i dragged my friend to the front to take certificates and school magazine. then, we settled down. a person from PTPL neared us and distributed some papers for us to fill in then she picked them up back. ????

the results came late due to some problems. while i was crazily talking t my friend about K-pop,
from the corner of my eye, i saw a student from science class sat down and cry.

then, TA-DA! oh, sorry. JENG!JENG!JENG! (malay style) xD

finally, after for so long my legs supported me on that tiled floor, the teachers asked us to settle down. one of the teacher told us everything went well for 2009. we clapped, smiling with satisfaction.

lastly, she announced the first to get straight As. and it was the girl who cried just now. i nodded and clap eagerly. she was a total genious since she started school. next, an Indian boy. only two received straight As. he wasn't there so her mother proudly climbed up the small steps that led to the stage and received the result. she must be the best mom.

later, the 8As, 7As and 6As were announced. students from science class conquered all those results. at that precise moment, i felt my body became weak. tears were waiting to flow down. my both hands shivered and i couldn't bare to look at my surrounding.

my mom and dad came to my mind. i remembered my mom helped me with my school uniforms and she never failed to let me study well. she cooked the best remedies for me so that i can study well. she stayed up late at night just for me to finish my work. meanwhile my dad helped me with my allowance and school bus fees.

i prayed to God, "Ya Allah, i know this is too late but please-"

"student who got XAs, Aini bt. Mohd Nazri!"

i widened my eyes. my mouth were dropped open. i turned to my friends. they were all shouting and clapping their hands this disbelief looks. i ran to the stage and i could hear people were still applauding and whistling. i took the result paper and huggged the teachers. then i got to other straight As students. they congratulated me and i shook hands with them.

just then, i heard another round of applause. it was my classmate running down to the place i was standing. we hugged each other like crazy! i studied my result and hers. damn it! i was thankful! xD

later, my other classmates came to 7 people who got XAs too! my own class mastered XAs! cool!

we ran to our other friends and hugged each other. i didn't cry. didn't know why. i was half happy and half dissapointed. i met several teachers and they were excited with what i got.

one of my friend who shared the name as mine, she got XAs. she cried and i was blank. i didn't know what to do so i pulled her to me and let her cried.

i bumped into Sir, my engineering drawing teacher. he was expecting to see the 2009 students to get As but all of them had gone home and sir was busy with sports so i was the only one. i called out, "Sir!"

he spun around and saw me. "Hey! How's it going?!"

"i got A for my ED!" i said out loud. i didn't realized other people were looking at me. he nodded, grinning.

"Well done. how 'bout the others?"

"they got well too." i replied. i remembered sir will give RM10 to those who got A for ED but he seemed forgotten so i backed away.

my dad fetched me around two and headed to my mom's. he bought me rojak to celebrate. as soon as we arrived at my mom's, i shook hands with her and hugged her tightly. i burst into tears.

tears....for happiness or dissapointment? i was dissapointed of myself since i couldn't give the best gift to my parents.

my mom comforted me by saying, "it's okay, Ani. you've done well. i understand what you've been through the whole year and it's great that you got XAs. i'm proud of you. "

thank God, my parents were still proud of me. they told me that without any tuition i could get that high. besides, XAs is considered as great to apply for best university such as UITM.

at home, i performed my solah and 'sujud syukur'. lastly, i was very thankful to God. i thanked Him, i thanked my parents for taking care of me and i was hoping there was a bright side behind those XAs. and i prayed to God for letting my parents to stay healthy, to leave for the longest and to see me graduate.

p/s: i cried while writing this blog especially the part where i remembered my parents harships toward me and the part where my mom said her golden words.



  1. wow... tahniah!

    aku lain plak citer,
    balik rumah parent aku gelakkan aku, cett..

  2. thanks guys! :)

    semoga korang dpt masuk universiti yg kaw2 punyer!