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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The speed of light....sort of?

dear blog,

today, i was kinda....happy? okay, just a tiny bit happy 'cause the internet line here ran light a speed. it usually happened after midnight and i could only manage to stay up late until 3 a.m to watch videos online.

but today seemed different. i used my laptop around the afternoon and i tried to watch some videos online and my, my, my! it was damn smooth! [huh?]

i mean, i didn't need to wait for the video to upload....this happened until exactly 10:30 p.m...i was watching We Got Married featuring a new couple, Yonghwa from CN Blue and Seohyun from Girl's Generation. i did my first view for the first episode clearly until episode four which it stopped loading...

well, it's okay. at least i had fun watching the videos non-stop....i was hoping the next day onwards, that internet line could continue being miracle so that i can continue watching the show....xD

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