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Saturday, March 13, 2010


dear blog,

my dad brought my siblings and i over to my mom's to have breakfast together. ROTI CANAI TELUR! :)

but my throat was a bit....pepperminted sore? it happened when i was brushing my teeth this morning. i applied too much toothpaste on my toothbrush. while i was brushing my teeth from side to side, looking in the mirror to check my eyebrows, some of the toohpaste that hadn't formed into bubbles yet, ran into my throat.

i was between surprise and shock. i swallowed. stupid me! after that, my throat felt uncomfortable. i thought eating toothpaste felt like eating sweets but instead, having a coincident toothpaste being "eaten", it was not that sweet. it's horrible!

at night, we went to KFC. we ordered for family feast and each one of us could get two chickens. the worker was a bit clumsy and forgetful. but anyway, i asked for extra cheese. i got three cases of cheese to bring home so that i can dip into that cheese with my own cooked french fries. :)

thanks, MAMA & BABAH again! xD

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