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Monday, March 8, 2010


dear blog,

i got nothing to blog about these days since i am freakin' out waiting for my SPM result to come out. your ears must be sick enough hearing people keep saying "my heart's beating so fast, can't take the result", "today is blablabla, then thursday's coming!", "can't wait for this thursday" something like that, right?

well, every 2009 SPM's holder is intimidated by this thursay, 11th of March. i'm one of them and yes, i'm scared. who doesn't?

let's change topic. super junior is coming this 20th of March like you guys know(for the k-pop lovers). the tickets are almost sold out. my pals from Pahang are so going there. they can afford and already bought the tickets. i hope they will bring memories with their loved one from Super Junior.

obviously, i'm not that much of a fan of Super Junior. i don't have no one that i like from those 13 men. i'm not a hater but i'm just not a big fan of them. 2PM catches my attention as the group's personality named Beast Idols attract me a lot. they make me go crazy!

so, if 2PM is going to be here to perform in Malaysia, i would definitely be the first fan to buy the ticket. Rock Pitt okay! i hope....:(

okay, right now, i'm gonna do whatever i want while waiting for the result day. recently, i've been reading novels and when i begin, i can't stop.

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