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Monday, March 22, 2010


dear blog,

i'm going to write about this topic that always bothers me recently. let's get it started.

about IPG (institut perguruan), i know that it promises a job right away when you graduate. you're going to be an elementary school teacher. hey, i don't exactly wanna be a teacher. especially teaching elementary school. i'm afraid i won't be using my skills enough in IPG because in the end, you're sure to teach kids.

i have signed up for UITM through UPU form for art & design field. you see, UITM is very well-known for its splendid art & design faculty and even the non-government colleges claim that students that come from UITM in art & design field have qualities.

besides, the medium is English. so, i like UITM. i can learn and explore more. when i graduate, i can take master and be a lecturer. probably i can be a lecturer at Lim Kok Wing. it's better, right? it's a job too, isn't it?

my other relatives ask me to sign up for IPG because they want me to have a job right away. they don't even think about the limit in expressing my drawing skills when i study there. you know, maybe teaching elementary students is easy. of course it's easy since you would just need to let them draw simple things like trees, fruits, animals and etc...besides, i need to have a minor subject to teach.

but UITM is different. i can learn to draw complicated things and etc. it's better and has its own quality. being a lecturer is better than being a teacher. xD

i know that i'm just a youth, trying to figure out her own future. sometimes i do think if i decide a way and not other people's way, they would be saying "I told you so!"

well, you gotta do what you gotta do!


  1. same here,
    my mother forced me to teach someday, man..

    aku jadik pengawas pun dah letih, nak jadi cikgu..

    sume kena paksa jadi cikgu.

  2. uitm's great for u!! n u've already gt things planned out ^-^ im still struggling myself =.= but teaching elementary skul kids doesnt limit u frm drawing u noe...its more like u're responsible for teaching them wat they really need to know. i noe bcuz my elementary skul teacher suck! causing me to lose interest in arts. plus, im just not THAT artisitc ^^ hehe~