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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


dear blog,

my dad dropped me off to school this morning then he went to the nearby clinic for his appointment with the doctor. i went to see my art teacher, telling her that i wanted to take my 'kerja kursus' (don't know the words in english xP). she told me to bring it back after i had done since the official time for students to take home their works were 6 months after the result day. so, it was as if i borrowed the works for a while. i wanted to use it for my interview. (i wish i get) ;)

my art teacher told me every possibility to be happened during interview and i'd need to be ready with a bit of knowledge about art. it was based on luck.

later, i strolled toward the office to get the principal's signature for my works. i had to wait for him as he had guests. while i was waiting, standing in the hall of the office, i saw parents with teachers at the couches, talking about their son for not showing up at school for almost 4 days. the parents were speechless.

i tried to ignore them since i got nothing to do with it so i texted my dad about how late i was going to be. then, a few more teachers came to discuss about the news. i thought i should go outside, afraid that my dad will send me a reply in the office. i grabbed my things and got to my feet. i tiptoed to the front door, glad that no one noticed me.

suddenly, my cell phone rang. i gulped. oh, no! everyone at the couches darted their eyes at me. i was half-way to the front door. i gave them a coy smile and quickened my steps to the door while looking down.

oh, man! i'd disturbed the conversation! but then, another art teacher admonished me. "Hey, where're you going?"

i blinked, already at the doorway. was he asking me about where was i going or about the university? "i was going to meet the principal," i finally said.

"no, about your university? what did you apply for?"

i laughed nervously. "i apply for art & design at UITM."

"great. you're gonna meet some special lecturers there. good luck."

when everything had been done, i waited for my dad to pick me up. then, i bumped into two friends of mine. we're not too close but as form mates. one of them took 'ukiran kayu' at IKL in rambang.

that's all for now. i gotta be ready for my interview even though the result for who is qualified is not published yet.

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