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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Words to be read

dear blog,

today i discovered a new writer. her name is Julia Quinn. she writes romance genre. i would like to read her books but i don't know if Malaysia has them in any bookstore here. so, i went to a website for bookworms and writers and found only one book of hers. and it's only some pages.
okay, maybe i'll find more about her and where i can get to read her books.

and, yes! i think i like the new summer movie casted by Miley Cyrus as the lead. as you guys know, the movie title is The Last Song and it's from Nicholas Sparks' New York best-selling book. i haven't watch it yet but i see what i can do about it. perhaps i buy the cd. the soundtrack song entitled When I Look At You performed by Miley herself is very mysterious-like kind of song and it's very artistic. listen to the song and stop hating Miley Cyrus.

i'm glad i've found his masterpiece online from the same website that features Julia Quinn since it's a website for literature. i've read five pages so far and i'll continue to read it tomorrow.

Nicholas Sparks is damn lucky. he's talented in writing and composing story that people want to read. of course, it's New York and it's best to be an author there. he has written five books that come into films. man, i really want to be like him. i mean, his career. hehe...xD
if you're interested to read it, copy and paste this link :

now, i realize that besides drawing and wishing to be a comic artist, i wish to be an author that make it to the top (film)...;) the passion in reading comes second after reading comics. it's very addictive and you can't stop!

meanwhile, writing comes next after drawing. it's better to stay at home and be addicted to books and pencils. ^-^

now, my second dream is becoming an author. i'll try my best to be the best-selling author in Asia and make it to US. after seeing the trailer and read The Last Song, ideas keep coming into my head. ideas to draw comics also make it to my mind.

man, i love being a teenager that loves literature and art. okay, i've set my future plans. first, i study arts and during that, i'll keep practicing to perfect my English and the composition. and i want my first novel to be published when i am around 23 years old?

to those who support me, thank you so much. i appreciate that. xD

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