Shout out/Memo


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


dear blog,


wanna know what i've been cheering?! it's not something big but i'm soooooo happy! today is the busiest day for IPTA's website. it has been visited by thousands of students to see the result for those who applied the courses that got to do with interviews.

i've made it! as soon as the page came out on the screen, i freaked out! yo, man! i filled for art & design and the interview will be held in Alor Gajah, Melaka this saturday. THIS saturday?????!!!!

i got two days to settle my needs for the interview. i need to collect some information about local arts just in case. tomorrow, i'll be busy for sure. do wish me luck, okay?



  1. Aini, nanti pegi sesame eh,
    same ngan aku, kat sane gak,

    aku takut, takut, takut.. (T_T)