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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The cell phone I'm using.....xD

dear blog,'s CSL K800. it's a Malaysia based brand, CSL but usually the components came all the way here from China. i know you guys would be chuckling, scoffing, laughing or whatever it takes to make your stomach to ache because this cell phone is damn big and as long as i know, it is one of the biggest phone ever made in this 21st century. but, hey, it's smaller than iphone or blackberry, blackcurrant or whatever.

i'm the only person in my high school who uses this kind of cell phone and i bet when i enter university this July (insyaallah), i'll be holding the first record to be the only one who uses CSL brand. hey, 'Beli Barangan Malaysia', okay? xD

okay, enough blattering about those. now, i want to blog about how precious and cool this cell phone is! it has a splendid 8.0 megapixels camera! plus, i can capture pictures with desired size so mostly of my pictures turn out to be very sharp like other high-quality cameras out there.

by the way, i like large screen phone. with this 2.8 inches screen, i can read my message clearly and etc....:) it's also a touch screen.

this CSL K800 has various features and stuffs such as....of course, bluetooth, GPRS, network, multi languages (malay, english, chinese), TV, mp3 and mp4 players. the best things are you can check your BMI and even Kiblat, Azan time and Al-Quran. :)

the speaker is very outstanding. it's so loud and clear. you can even change the songs into slow, medium or high speed just for fun or research...hehe....this phone comes with a set of its charger, its wire to connect to computer, its earphones, its skin wiper and an extra wire to connect to TV. you can watch vidoes and play songs straight away from this cell phone live on your own TV. you can catch pictures and record videos at the same time. making a call is possible too! xD you can do everything like you're holding the cell phone in your hands.

you can put your family members or friends photos to your caller picture and whenever my dad calls, his picture will appear. the same goes with others but i don't exactly put people's photos. i put cartoon photos....hehe...

everything is great performed by this big cell phone. you won't know it if you don't try to use this. i like the camera very much. if i buy a new phone, i can keep this CSL K800 as my camera and by the way, when my new phone has problems, i can transfer the sim card into that camera phone. isn't that great?!!!!!! :P

i may not talk about other features since they're hundreds of them. so, the most important thing is, when you purchase this cell phone, you have to take good care of it along with its wires, charger and earphones because you can hardly find its replacements. i mean, if your wire or charger has broke down, you would suffer trying to find the new one.

so, make it as your most precious thing you've ever had. i've once dropped this cell phone onto the concrete road and my, my, my! thank goodness, it's still in good shape and from that on, i bought a long cell phone strap so that i can take a good hold of it. :)

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