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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Don't tell Mama!

dear blog,

after watching a documentary about Korea in the afternoon, my dad asked me to try making rice cakes as the documentary showed about delicious dessert, rice cake or 'tteok'. it was hard actually to find the approriate ingredients to make it. but we would like to try something new since my mom and my aunt weren't around today. we owned the kitchen, hehe.

i searched the net about the simplest Korean rice cake recipe. luckily, i found it. i just needed to have rice flour, salt, sugar, cocoa powder, chocolate powder and any other desired ingredients for decoration. there was no chocolate powder so we tended to use more cocoa powder. :)

oh, my! it looked like the surface of the moon....kekekekeh!!!!

this was our first try and we didn't expect too much. but we were hoping for a miracle to emerge. we failed, actually. the rice cake gave out pleasant smell but the taste was not like what we imagined. it's terrible, haha! xD

i didn't even take a bite 'cause i had lost my appetite. my young sis, bro and my dad ate their slices with smiles on their face but i knew those were fake smiles. i asked my dad, "It tastes bad, right?"

he cracked out laughing. then i faced my young sis and she made a disgusting look. i laughed like hell later. i kept on mumbling about the failure and lastly the rice cake was thrown out.

i cleaned the kitchen and vanished the handprints that were left on the counter such as the flour, the steamer and etc. we pretended nothing happen that day until forever. :)

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