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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Park Jaebum a.k.a Jay Park

dear blog,

May God bless you in everything you're doing now, Jay.'ve turned 23 this year!

his Again & Again's popularity still fresh in my head right now. the best thing is that his birthday is a day before mine. :)

oh, yeah! hope he's doing fine during the filming of Hype Nation. i bet it's gonna be a great piece once it is released. and i wish i can watch that.

i was wondering about 2PM. do they really wish him happy birthday? oh, whatever.

by the way, Jay is the best leader ever! even though he's the shortest in the group, he's dedication in leading the group is the best recipe for other people to follow. you can see that from watching 2PM's live performances last year before he left.

when Taecyeon's microphone had technical problems and the audiences could not hear his voice, Jay spontaneously sang Taec's part clearly. it happened a few times. man, i love this guy! okay, i love Kim Junsu but i like Jay's passion in music, dancing and being a LEADJA. old pink grandpa! haha!

the only way to really, really reach him is to go to his Youtube account. that's the only website of him as the real him to get in touch with each other but that doesn't mean he can always reply to you. probably he would never reply. of course! thousand of comments piling up in his account! who could practically answer all that? hehe...

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