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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Justin Bieber

dear blog,

i found more about Justin Bieber last night since i got nothing to surf the internet. actually, my dad knew about him last year but i ignored it. now i knew him.

he's still 16, two years younger than i am and his voice doesn't hit puberty yet. he's not too tall nor short and i think he needs to grow up more.

what surprises me is that there's a video posted by a mom on Youtube about her 3 year-old daughter, Cody, who cries over Justin. she says she wants Justin to be one of her family and whenever she listens to his songs, she cries.

the video has reached for about 5 and above million viewers in just a month and a half. luckily, the video attracts Jimmy Kimmel who owns a talk show to bring the girl with her family to his show. he invites Justin along to surprise Cody.

Justin even sings a birthday song face-to-face for the little girl's older sister, Cheyenne. all the viewers especially fangirls adore and envy them at the same time. Justin leaves kisses to the girls' cheeks too.

of course, when there are lovers, there are also haters. the haters say that Justin is gay based on his girlish voice. plus, they say he is too short to be with any girl.

well, my opinion is, he's new in this entertainment world so probably he changes in upcoming years. who knows he could be a real man soon? i would like to put myself in the middle. i sometimes like him and sometimes i don't. it depends on what he does. that's all.

by the way, he sings live like a pro and he is a carefree kind of person. he answers fans' questions clearly and when the atmosphere during press conference turns out to be a bit quiet, he asks for more questions and does make the fans burst out laughing.

this is the best live performance by him.

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