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Saturday, April 24, 2010


dear blog,

hehehe....there's no proper title for this post but the content is probably interesting. i wonder.

yesterday, i received a letter from Segi College telling me to be one of the students there in nursing field. haha....i didn't online yesterday because the line wasn't very good.

last night, i dreamed of myself, entering an old shop selling magazines and as soon as i stepped inside, my eyes locked at a display book showing a tutorial of how to use adobe photoshop to colour and etc. like i always wanted. so i asked the owner of the shop. she was a chinese wearing thick glasses. i asked, "ini buku sudah lama, kasih murah la..."

"kalau ada member card baru bleh!" she answered, waving her right hand, telling me to leave. but then i begged to register and asked her to keep that book until i came to buy it. the owner nodded and the dream vanished.

next, another dream of my dad who had just came back from somewhere, telling me and others that he got thousands of money in his pocket that time. in my head, i was beginning to dream to buy my things. then, the dream popped away. i sighed as i woke up. dreams....

today, TNB stopped the electricity of the whole neighbourhood here where i was living since this morning. it ended around 7 p.m....damn it! it was so hot like hell staying home, fanning myself with any fan we got. sweats kept flowing down my face.

by the way, i drew something new yesterday and i had just finished it today. so here it is! :)

hehe...i done it with colour pencils....hope you guys like it...:)

this picture below was taken this early morning where the weather was very breezy and cool. when i woke up and looked outside, i saw a pair of white shoes and something white that made me think it was a pillow. but when i zoomed in my view, haha! it was a cat! a very white cat! so cute! :)

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  1. nice drawing...i thought it was a rip off from a comic.oh,keep posting new artworks...from your new fan...ngehehe