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Saturday, April 10, 2010

My first interview

dear blog,

waking up around 4 a.m. had made me feel more awful. i was thinking about what to say during the face-to-face interview until i didn't remember falling asleep. i helped my mom with our homemade lunch and got our butts in the car at nearly 5.30 a.m.....

my family and i dropped by a beautiful mosque to perform morning prayer and ate our breakfast. later, we went to UITM Lendu, Melaka. there was a few students had arrived there, nodding down in their cell phones. i went to the toilet twice due to my some sort of butterflies in my stomach. xP

when i got back to my parents, my dad was rearranging my folio and my artworks were shown up high by my little bro who was asked to hold those for a while. i blushed, not wanting the other students to think that i was some kind of a snob.

luckily, i bumped into my friend from the same school. she took the same course as mine. finally, we went to our classified room. our names were called and i took a deep breath and stepped in.

the room was too small and can only filled with 30 students only so the lecturers named us as the first group. i sat down and let out a tense sigh. there were objects in the middle of the class and we needed to draw it with shadings.

firstly, we filled a form and i chose fine art as the first choice. later, we started to draw. we were given only an hour. an hour! thank goodness, i made it in time.

then, when the drawing test was over, the first four people were called for face-to-face interview. a few seconds later, my name was called along with other three people for the second four. i thought that lecturer was really calling for us to go out, so slung my bag over my shoulder and packed up my things.

suddenly, i realized that i was the only one standing. the other three people with me didn't even stand up. the lecturer said, "standby". now that was a bombshell! i was so stupid and embarassed! he called for standby. xD

i gave a coy smile to no one in front of me and sat back. i spent seconds after that looking at the empty desk, feeling embarassed instead of getting prepared for the talk.

finally, it was my turn. i did as ordered by the panel. luck was on my side that day when the interview ended easily than i expected. the talk lasted for only 3 to 4 minutes only. she did asked me why hadn't i apply for other courses as she flipped through my SPM result. i got 5As. usually, a person with those result wouldn't apply something like arts.

i replied that i loved arts and i won't change my mind. arts has already in my blood. besides, i wanna change people's perspective over art & design students who mostly come with lower graders.

as i stepped outside, man, now i felt the air was so fresh! haha!

i thanked Allah for making it easy during my interview. my dad brought me and others to a sea and ate our lunch there. we even bought Melaka's specialty, 'cucur udang'. :)

p/s: to amy rashidah, awal, nad and una, let's keep our fingers crossed and pray to Allah to bring us the good news that we've been waiting all this time....:)


  1. congrats Aini, omedeto gozaimasu.
    kau dapat punyelah course tu!

  2. aimonaz,i feel the same way too...
    thanks to Allah that we made it,to fine art