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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nothing to say

dear blog,

early this morning, when my big sis turned on the television and tuned to KBS channel, it showed the state funeral for Cheonan victims in South Korea.

next, my dad's friends came to our house. one of them asked about my age and when my dad told him that i had just taken my SPM result, he was so shocked and thought that i was still in form one....^-^ wow! that made me feel very young, 6 years younger than my real age! :)

next, i watched Korea's latest hit drama entitled Cinderella's Stepsister. it was a splendid drama even though i had just watched it for the first time. can't wait for the next episodes!

actually, i don't have anything to write today but i feel free to still jot it down. xD


  1. nice mp3...1st heard it on hallmark

  2. 6 years younger..
    I walked with my sister and they said,
    "Pacik! Take this new stuff! It's very good for you and your daughter!"
    my reaction? I hmph at him and walk away angrily.
    my litle sis laugh until we got home..

  3. cinderella stepsister is damn-cool-drama..