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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Online activities

dear blog,

i learnt how to 'siang' fishes. my mom and dad taught me how. yeah, since i should know how to do so. better know how to do it rather than just eating the fishes without acknowledge about how did the fishes look before...?????

today, i didn't draw, write or subbing any Korean videos even though many subscribers were waiting. xP it's a show that i'm subbing with English subtitle and it's hard to do.

i wasn't feeling very well. it's not fever or whatever. it's just something that got to do with having premenstrual days. you would feel damn tired like you've been working outdoors of non-stop. then, stomachache will come. i hate that procedure. you can't get up and do your stuffs. it hurts like hell! right now i'm having the tired thing. next, 100% stomachache! urrgghhh!!! girls know this, of course. and boys should take notice too. :)

i watched t.v.and took a 3 hours nap today....hehe...xD

when i opened my facebook account during night, many of my Gempakstarz pals had uploaded their comics and artworks really fast! i dunno about me but i think it may take a while for me to join them back.

lately, i have a comic competition to attend on facebook. it's between facebook's Gempakstarz page made-up contest. it's not something official. we're like showing our artworks and skills and being challenged. that's the best part!

actually, i've joined that Gempak page last month and i've been noticed as one of the most popular member there in just three weeks or so....hehe...(proud)

an online best friend named Adry, also one of the title. our names were listed by the number one member of the page, Fandee Jamian, for a comic contest. there're about five more users on the list. i came number 5. so, starting from that, i started to draw comic and had posted the first page last two days and received more than 30 feedbacks. it's that good or bad, i dunno. but, thanks, guys! love ya'! xD

i feel lucky and proud to be noticed on Gempakstarz page in just a short time. the key is, involve yourself with your artworks and comment other people's work. as if, haha!

by the way, each day, i got more than 10 friends requests and over 9 facebook pals that invited me to chat with them and it circles everyday. they are all anime, manga and game lovers. i've great times chatting with them. man, i don't think i'm that popular. xP maybe having a talent and love anime and manga do have the advantages to get more friends to share the same things, right?

next, a friend of mine had asked me about my novel. she asked me about new chapters. i'm concentrating on doing my comics so i've stopped from writing just for a while. i'll continue sooner. thanks for your support, harley! :)

p/s: anxious about UITM's result...huhu...:) oh, and happy 18th birthday, Affisha!

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  1. dah femes jangan lupa aku ek, hehehe.

    nah, ni aku jumpa lagi satu kat youtube,
    semoga sakit perut ko hilang,
    datang plak sakit perut tahan gelak.