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Monday, April 26, 2010

Sweet 18

dear blog,

April 26 is my birthday. i'm 18! i thought i won't get as much wishes as i want by not being out likewise but getting involve and be friend with many new people did make me feel better today. besides my family, i got over 40 or so birthday wishes on my page!!! ohmigod! that's huge!

besides, 15 friend requests piled up. wow! birthday wishes kept coming on my facebook page and i lost count. hehe....^-^

a present from my young sis....^-^

actually, i had celebrated my birthday early yesterday. my family and i went to McD. and tomorrow my big sis will be at home and we're gonna make another birthday party. on my real day, everyone was busy with work and school. so, that's why a delicious double cheeseburger had faded into my stomach yesterday. :) but i don't like the apple pie.

by the way, i prayed that this year will bring me luck. i wanna feel that being an 18 year-old teenage girl is best and i neither wanna lose nor waste this precious age. it happens once. :)

p/s: thank you sooooo much for your guys wishes! may God bless you! xD

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