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Monday, April 5, 2010


dear blog,

my little sis has hearing problem and remembering things. it's not something to be taken seriously but she's being like that! haha! oh, okay.

whenever i talk to her or other people which she hears it too, she would hear something else that is similar to what i say such as The One Academy and she mistakens it as Dewan Bahasa. 'The One' sounds a bit similar to 'Dewan'. she asks me once about am i going to Dewan Bahasa to further my study? hohohoho!!! it's The One Academy, okay???!!!

next, when it comes to English, she has trouble pronuncing the right words like ballet. she pronunces it as belet. hyena, she says hyene.

and when she knocks on a chair, she jokingly speaks English like,"oh! it's so painful!" but she mentions it wrongly and i heard it as "oh! it's so playful!" xD

plus, about dramas' titles. there's a korean drama named Master of Study. she is like 50-50 on remembering the title since what she cares is the story and never cares about the title. and one day, she asks me about am i going to watch it or not. it's supposed to be Master of Study but she blurts out Study Hard. is there any drama that goes with such a simple and dull title? duh! hahahahah!!!

by the way, a tv drama entitled Hello, my lady! turns out to be Ladies First! my sis remembers it wrongly again....haha! she's such a lame girl.

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